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El triangle DaliniàEl triangle DaliniàEl triangle Dalinià

The Dalinian Triangle

It is made up of the Theatre-Museum in Figueres, where you can admire works such as Dali’s Galarina, The Spectre of Sex Appeal or Leda Atómica; Dali’s house in Portlligat, where the painter set up is home-workshop and which preserves furniture and personal objects that belonged to Dali, and Gala’s Castle in Púbol which Dali gave to Gala to fulfill his promise to make her the queen of her own castle, and where the private rooms of his muse can be visited, as well as her collection of haute couture dresses. Gala is buried in the crypt of the castle.

Teatre Museu Dalí a Figueres: 20 min

Casa de Dalí a Portlligat: 50 min

Castell Casa Gala-Dalí a Púbol: 40 min